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I’ve had the pleasure over the years of trying Omaha Steak Co. foods. Not many, mind you, but the few times, we were blessed with their products; well worth the price, I never forgot and appreciated the people who sent us the gourmet food.If you’ve not visited the site before, there’s a little bit of everything from the most delicious chicken fried chicken, to the cheesecake variety.
Don’t be overwhelmed by the huge selection and wanting everything you see, to the prices. Good quality is what you pay for and it will come to you in good shape. You shouldn’t have to hesitate on this company.

It comes in a container which keeps the products cold, there is clear labeling in order to see exactly what’s inside the packages and the words were big enough that someone with a slightly poorer eyesight should be able to see the words. (NOTE: Though if your eye sight is more than poor, you might not see so clearly.)

When we took the products out of the packaging, everything appeared fresh and organized, again, referring to the labeling as an added bonus for myself.
Nothing at all was damaged even to the corners of the boxes. I was completely pleased. Remember, I didn’t pay for anything so it’s easier for me to share how much I appreciated what I received; not only as a recipient, but a marketing thinking person. Wonderful Job Omaha Steaks, and thank you for going the extra mile while I have your attention.

So, everything fit nicely into the freezer with labeling for many items clearly readable.

As we began to try out the new varieties, we couldn’t begin to tell anyone how much the food was in the way of flavor. Everything we tried came out tasting as if it were fresh and like a local homestyle restaurant with an added touch of ‘love.’ lol That was for drama. You get the picture though. The food was pretty good and worth the extra in my opinion.

Hubby and I continued to raise kids and all the thoughts of reviews and sharing good products went on the backburner; kids come first, not money or fame,and hubby has helped keep things running for many years. Being an empty nester is freeing up money a bit and we’re eating out more often.
I’m thinking it’s time to start bringing Omaha Steaks into the home again and would love to encourage you to do the same. The links in the Pinterest account go to ‘the kids’ links, as well as myself/hubby and many other affiliate marketers, online businesses, authors, writers, and small business owners. We’d consider it an honor if you would like, comment, share our page so we can share what others bring to the table as a way of giving forward.

You’ll find a little bit of the best food around from steaks and chicken, to soups and cakes. All useful for many things from a nice romantic candle light dinner, to running in and running out of the house with little time to cook. The food is much healthier than a drive through and more personal than a restaurant setting.

For families wanting to connect, it was a nice touch to our little family time together and because of the persons who sent the packages, we were able to connect and bond more as a young family. If grandma were still here, I’d give her a hug and thank her for knowing the perfect gift for busy mom and I’d tell her I miss her. She was a mom of 7 boys, one of the first women mail carriers, and marines. She worked full time and cooked the most incredible food. Her son, my husband took on her skills while I on the other hand do not cook; which is why she knew how valuable it would be to our family. She wished the option had been available to her in her younger years and knew it would add value to her son’s family.

What a treasure of a gift to have a parent that loves her son so much she gifts the wife with what she wished she had herself.

No words can express my gratitude and it pains me to think about missing her; my mother in law. Rough around the edges, no nonsense woman who raise some strong men and a real marine. I’m proud to say she had a wonderful influence in my life.

Omaha Steak food is great for:

  • The Grandmother who would like to show kindness to her daughter-in-law
  • Single parents who need that extra time to study, work, think, treat yourself etc.
  • Busy Mom who runs kids from basketball practice and soccer practice to tutoring and extra school activities…. WHO HAS THIS KIND OF TIME? Our kids schedules dictate our schedules and that’s out of wack. This was a BIG PLUS for me. Having my food delivered to the front door was a nice touch, but the real kicker is looking back seeing the time it all saved me. How many hours alone at the grocery store… with kids… grabbing, whining, fussing ugh. Had I caught it all sooner, I definitely would have invested in this company’s food line early on. The time alone would have saved un-needed stress me and my children, not to mention all those people trying to shop listening to my screaming kids. That mother of 7 knew that, though she didn’t raise all of them at the same time. In fact, having 2 families made things more difficult for her. One more reason I’m confident she sent the blessings.

I appreciate what she did for our young family and want to encourage others to invest in their own family time or personal time for yourself.

If you have Pinterest, so check the information out about Omaha Steak Company.

Thanks again for your time

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