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I’m Nate The Music Man. My dream has always been to rap, but the industry is filled with so many people trying to ‘make it big’ and I just wasn’t wanting to start there.

The investment here has brought some income, but it’s still not enough to purchase the necessary equipment to start the dream and get my name out there. The thought occurred to me to try a different angel to let everybody know that though I’m not a hip/hop or rap artist, I do have an online store that carries everything you should need to build a music business or some other dream you’ve had.

The site has everything from beat systems and computers, to DJ, disco lights and everything in between. The store is built through a system well know to the world now so they take care of everything for me. Your personal information is never seen my me or my staff, it’s all handled through the middle man. The commissions are very small but it helps. Please take some time to fill out the form below and check out the links, even if you don’t see what you’re looking for, they will direct you to the store.

I really appreciate all the love you’ve shown to this point.

Thank you.



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