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JB aka Boss of JB’s Place Online Store

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I’m JB, aka Boss, JB’s Place Online Store

Been in trouble most of my life, now got hopes of getting my life together so I can be with my kids.

Not sure what a ‘normal’ life is like, spent most of mine behind bars.

Want to do better, not sure how. Get out of jail, get a job and a place, think I’m doing alright and then end up back in jail. Don’t want to spend the rest of my days doing that. Thinking that if I can build an online store, it’ll keep me out of trouble and on something to build my future.  3 meals and a cot works, but it’s not best for me or my fam. Working to make things better by sharing my story and online products. When you purchase from me, I don’t see any information you send, Amazon does all that. They handle money, shipping, returns and customer service.  It’s a new opportunity for someone trying to earn a legal income and build my future. I appreciate any support you can show me, if you’re going to buy online anyway, consider spending with me. Ready to make a new life for me and mine.

Building this page with help. Support the efforts and show me some love as I make this journey through life.

This photo still amazes me. His tiny head fit into the palm of my hand. I love this photo.

Not 2 weeks old and daddy and baby are bonding.
Not 2 weeks old and dad & baby time.


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I also have a website I’m putting together, though I haven’t done much with it because of being locked up. I’ll tell you a little about it. The site will feature some of my own designs as well as products and services from other g’s around town and those I’ve met along the way. Most of what I’d like to carry will be more in line with my personality including, but not limited to shoes, sexy items, hats, lingerie, some clothing and kids items too.  If any of those things interest you, just click on one of the links on this page and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.  Here’s the link to the site I’m working on: It’s Called JB’s Place  https://jbsplace.wordpress.com  Of course it’s still very unfinished but when I get a little time I’ll get back on it again.  If you would like to get updates from me, scroll below and fill out the form.

Me and my little man.

JB and Son
JB and Son


Are you or someone you know going to have a baby? Consider registering for this or telling them about it. Share the page with them now. Just scroll down.

Putt putt golf is fun with friends.  A bunch of us went to the local putt putt place, they also have lazer tag and some arcade games. It’s not a big place but it’s a nice place to go anytime during the year. It’s an indoor outdoor course so if it rains or snows, you can still play indoors. We had a good time and got some photos.


These photos are me checkin’ out my threads, driving with Mrs. Rita and my red hat, the next is a neck tatoo that says “MOB” and last is my apartment on Washington in town.


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