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GPlanet Online Store has billiard items.
GPlanet Online Store                    has billiard items.


I’m GBaby, dad, son, friend and man of the house. I work a full time job and stay home most of the time with my 3 girls. Basketball and playing pool with the guys keeps me satisfied and gaming at home while with the girls is my relaxing time.
This page is my part time attempt to have an online store, earn a little and have something extra for my girls. If you’re going to be online shopping, consider shopping with those of us who want to build a better life for our children and have the opportunity to have a little more for them.
I finished high school and worked hard to get the grades I got. Nothing has ever been handed to me and the struggle has been real even with hs under my belt.

Trying to make something better for me and mine, thanks for your support and thanks for stopping by this page. Scroll down to find out more.


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Being a new father has made me realize the need for keeping items such as diapers and detergent as close at hand as possible. Babies go through so many diapers that if you don’t keep up on the count, you’re liable to run out of diapers at a time when you absolutely have to have one. Do yourself a favor and keep diapers and wipes on hand; you’ll be glad you did.




Billiard Tables and Items for those who like to play pool with friends

Playing a game or two helps me relax and spend time with friends and stay out of trouble. It’s downtime when I need to get away and reasonably priced. Inexpensive entertainment with friends and family.
I don’t have any billiard items at the house yet, but am working toward a home and all the things for a man cave.

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