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We also ask that you go through this course, which is in no way affiliated with, we have found it to be very comprehensive in lessons and feel that no matter what business or experience level, this platform will walk you through some important parts of any online process.  It’s an online course in which will walk you through and help you learn the process step by step with thousands of people helping you through each part of the process. The FREE version only lasts 5 days so please start that process quickly and learn everything you can in that period of time in order to start your online business here with GHomies. There is no experience necessary and that platform has broken the steps down for the very beginner.

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This will take you to another platform, not affiliated with it’s called Wealthy Affiliate. I

Once you get signed up on that platform, please let me know asap and I’ll start your process here on  This is another FB page only for those members and business partners. Here you’ll find updates as well as other members who are selling on

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Throughout the site, we will direct you to other businesses who may or may not be participating in affiliate programs  of different types. Thank you for sharing your business with and please welcome others as they participate on the platform. Welcome, Encourage, Inspire… that’s what The New Generation of Leaders is about.

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